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Life in Germany as an expat, explained one gif at a time. Note that everything is tongue in cheek, I thoroughly adore wacky 'schland.
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When I tell a European I’m from the States and they respond with “You can’t be American, you’re not fat!”

I look at them like,

When an American Friend Moves to the UK and Starts Pronouncing Things in the Queen’s English

I’m like,

How I Feel About Mondays After a Geile Wochenende


credit to an otterchen for this inspiring message to start the work week

I challenge thee to quizduell!

Didn’t even think about adding my name here until asked haha!

Just changed it to ExpatInSchland to keep things simple. ;-)

Swooping in on the Quizduell Trend Before Everyone Stops Playing It

Great app. Too bad I’m awful at it.

Looking at the HVV Bus Departure Timetable


Anyone have a voodoo doll of the 112 bus? I have an abundance of irritation and push pins.

German Reaction When You Suggest Sitting in Movie Theater Seats that Aren’t the ‘Reserved’ Ones Listed on the Ticket


Attitude of the German University Student

95% of the school year:


During the Prüfungsphase:

at least the first year ;-) … while true at many times, this is definitely way more our senior (final) year attitude in the States

How I Feel Walking Down Lange Reihe in St Georg

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Abroad

When I walk outside expecting it to be frigid in Hamburg, only to find it’s quite nice out

I’m like,


Springtime, already?

When I Wish a German Happy Birthday Before their Actual Birthday

They look at me like,

…but even two hours before?!

When I Mistake Alsterwasser for Apfelschorle

I’m like,

When Someone You Don’t Know Has Passed Out at Your WG Party


Vacationing in Southern Europe


Trying to Get Anywhere in Chilly ‘Schland With All the Blitzeis